Dinosaur Facts

Dinosaur ImageWhen trying to grow an interest in education in children, using dinosaur facts is a good place to start. Suitable especially for boys, dinosaurs are mysterious bordering on the fantastic, and can quickly gain the interest of a curious child. If you want to begin teaching your children on your own, there are some dinosaur facts that you should keep in mind so that you do not lead them astray.

The Types of Dinosaurs

There are many classes of dinosaurs. There are omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. Or, plant and meat eaters, plant eaters and meat eaters. There are also flying dinosaurs, reptilian dinosaurs and marine dinosaurs. Finally, there are invertebrate and vertebrate dinosaurs. How dinosaurs are classed often depend on the specific source that you are reading. Every species of dinosaur is listed by these classes. For example, the famous four finned plesiosaur is a vertebrate marine species believed to be an omnivore. While there are some species that span the different classes, they often fall into each distinct grouping.

The Size of Dinosaurs

One of the most fascinating aspects of dinosaurs are how varied they are in size. There are rodent dinosaurs that are similar size to the mice we know today, to the impressive brontosaurus, among the largest of dinosaurs. The brontosaurus has been recorded of being 75 feet in length and thought to have weighed over twenty tons. This is much larger than the average school bus.

The Age of Dinosaurs

The most commonly known dinosaurs, like the brontosaurus and T. Rex, are believed to have lived somewhere between 100 and 300 million years ago. There are dinosaurs that are older and younger than this, which makes these animals even more remarkable.

The Link between Prehistoric times and Modern times

It is believed that dinosaurs are the ancestors of modern animals. Birds are most commonly linked to prehistoric dinosaurs, with many clues on the evolution of dinosaurs into birds. Many dinosaurs have many similarities to birds. The velociraptor is a good example of a dinosaur that shares common characteristics with birds without having been a bird itself.

The Extinction of Dinosaurs

There is no known proof on why dinosaurs have gone extinct. There are many theories, ranging from devastating floods to huge meteorites striking the earth. The starts of the Ice Age are also believed to have led to the extinction of many dinosaurs, though many of these thoughts still remain unproven theories and not fact.